The Life of Prawns: How inland aquaculture is changing life in Sri Lanka is a short documentary following the life cycle of these incredible creatures. The documentary portrays their journey from hatchery, through the inland water reservoirs of Sri Lanka, to the export markets of Southeast Asia. A unique aquaculture AusAid funded project implemented by Market Development Facility (MDF). In 2017, MDF commissioned David to produce the film and a social media teaser (45K views) with the purpose to share with the general public the story behind the project. The film shows the impact and benefits for the fishing community, as well as bringing exposure to MDF and its partner Divron BioVentures. David is grateful to all MDF Colombo staff, specially Tharindri Rupesinghe, Momina Saqib and Praveen Premkumar for their support towards the production. For further information, please read here the case study by MDF.

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