Tais are the traditional woven cloths made by women in Timor-Leste. They are an essential part of the nation’s cultural heritage, widely used as a unit of exchange, they are generally worn by men and women during traditional ceremonies. There are as many tais designs as there are family clans across the districts of this troubled new nation. With the intention to conserve and promote these traditional weaving techniques, the Secretary of State for Arts and Culture commissioned to Timor Aid the research and publishing a collection of books aiming at covering the nation’s textile heritage.

The initial research was conducted by Joanna Barrkman, Southeast Asia textile curator, in close collaboration with by Rosalia Soares, senior researcher at Timor Aid, editor and writer of the second series. David was commissioned to design the first two books The textiles of Covalima (2014) and The Textiles of Lautem (2015) into three separate language editions (Tetun, Portuguese and English). The following 2 issues The Textiles of Baucau (2016) and The Textiles of Bobonaro (2017) were designed in a multi-language inclusive format. 

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