‘The Living Heritage of Communities in Timor-Leste’ is the title of a book and an exhibition funded by UNESCO in collaboration with SEAC (Secretary of State for Arts & Culture in Timor-Leste) and National Geographic (Indonesia). The project aimed at raising awareness around issues of ICH (Intangible Culture Heritage) safeguarding while also supporting the ratification of the 2003 UNESCO Convention by Timor-Leste.

In November 2013, David was commissioned by SEAC and supported by UNESCO (Jakarta) to manage a team of local photographers, liaise with National Geographic and gather the necessary photographic content for a book and an exhibition. He was also commissioned to design the 80 pictures self-contained 25meter-long photographic exhibition, that opened to the public for a full month in February 2014 at Largo de Lecidere in Dili. The exhibition was opened by a representative of the President’s Office, Mr Bendito Freitas (MoE) Mr Francisco Kalbuadi (MoT), Mrs Isabel Ximenes (SEAC) and Mr Hubert Gizen (Director at UNESCO Jakarta). Read here the official press release by the Government.

The photographers involved were Nelson TurquelBernardino SoaresGibrael Diaz Carocho, Vitorino dos Santos, Yunaidi JoepoetFeri Latief, Zelia Vital and David Palazón.


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