FOTI is a program funded by USAID to promote accountability and transparency in Timor-Leste. Between 2013 and 2014, David was commissioned to design a series of items to promote and give visibility to their activities. See below a selection of projects:

Baino & Binoi is an illustrated story about corruption and nepotism. David was commissioned to put together the 32-page book illustrated by Gembel Art. 60.000 copies of Baino & Binoi were distributed in schools across the country by the Ministry of Education in 2014. Please browse through the full book here:

Uza Investigasaun Brankeamentu Kapitál hodi Kombate Korrupsaun (Using Money Laundering Investigation to Fight Corruption, in Tetun language) was a series of workshops for law professionals. David was commissioned to design a significant brand to be used as a campaign in several marketing items prior and during the workshops.


Joven Eroi Foun (New Young Hero, in Tetun language) is a music CD containing ten songs especially commissioned to Mario Ramos de Carvalho (East Timorese musician) and dealing with subjects related to (anti)corruption. 2000 copies of the album were made available for free between 2013 and 2014.


Prevenção e Combate ao Branqueamento de Capitais em Timor-Leste (Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering in Timor-Leste, in Portuguese) is a 207-page bilingual book by Margarida Bandeira de Lima, attorney general in Portugal and legal adviser to the FOTI Program in Timor-Leste. 21. You can browse through the full book here:

The Matadalan ba Asaun Hasoru Korrupsaun (Action Manual Against Corruption, in Tetun language) was a manual designed by David Palazón and illustrated by East Timorese artist Gibrael Carocho. You can browse throughout the full book here:

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