I Love Peckham was a project designed in collaboration with Daniele Latini. In May 2005, Southwark Council in partnership with Africa 05 (a partnership of the British Council and the South Bank Centre) selected our proposal for a public art project based in the heart of Peckham in South East London. The project aimed to celebrate Peckham as a multi-cultural and diverse community, and a vibrant town centre that is renowned for its African foods and culture. Our proposal consisted of 48 typographic ‘I LOVE PECKHAM’ banners in 48 different languages developed from a public survey we conducted in the high street. Visual artists Madeline Herbert and Leah Germann designed the other side of the 48 banners. The project was reviewed in Design Week (no.35, September 2005), Creative Review (October 2005), South London Press (21st October 2005) and ITV1 London (23rd October 2005). 

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