Festival Cultura (Cultural Festival, in Portuguese) was an event located at Timor-Leste’s Presidential Palace in November 2010. David Palazón was commissioned to curate a 3-day festival program in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Culture. Additionally, and using content from the Tatoli ba Kultura archive, he was also requested to design the concept, an exhibition, a 50-page catalogue and the advertising campaign for the event (all in 3 languages). The festival was divided in several areas: traditional arts & crafts exhibition, didactic space, evening stage, film room, gastronomy https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-klonopin-online-2-mg/ area and shops. A DVD was produced compiling several short films from the project and the festival recordings and it is now available from the National Library of Australia.


© Most photographs by Gibrael Carocho and Victor de Sousa, 2010. The films below, captured and edited by Victor de Sousa, show some of the festival’s dance and music highlights.

Tebe Dahur Bei Ala (Suai)

Tebe Dahur Makasae (Baucau)

Tebe Liku Rai (Suai)

Tebe Dai (Viqueque)

Tebe Dahur (Aileu)

Tebe Dahur Salala (Baucau)

Fai Akar (Viqueque)

Tebe ho Rai Lako (Viqueque)

Kakalo’uta (Lospalos)

Kokotere (Baucau)

Karkeit (Atauro)

Rama (Atauro)


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