Fataluku is a Papuan language and ethnicity of the people of Lospalos, the furthest Eastern district in Timor-Leste. Léxico Fataluco—Português is the 4th edition of Father Nácher’s Fataluku—Portuguese dictionary, first published as a manuscript in 1984. Re-edited by Australian linguist Geoffrey S. Hull in 2004, this edition with 286 pages, included three additional articles, photographs and illustrations. It was coordinated by anthropologists Alberto Fidalgo Castro & Efrén Legaspi Bouza, art directed and designed by David Palazón and illustrated by Elena Tognoli. The project, with an edition of 1000 copies, was funded by AECID in 2012. You can download the full book (on pdf) from this link at the University of Coruña. Also listed at the National Library of Australia. It was reviewed by East Timor Linguistics. Please browse the full book here:


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