El Documento (The Document, in Spanish) is a documentary that provided the Spanish community in London with a platform in which to express their views, dreams and creative expectations. During the process of making the film, around 80 individuals related to the Spanish community were interviewed, including dancers, photographers, performers, designers, painters, musicians and filmmakers; mostly aged between 20-35 years old, and somehow part of the first generation to leave Spain in the 90’s, not due to financial or political problems, but rather pursuing dreams that they could not reach in Spain. This documentary portraits the desires and frustrations of this particular generation, born after Franco’s dictatorship and now able to explore Europe since Spain joined the EU.

The film was co-directed and produced by David Palazón and José Alvarez, receiving a funding award by UnLtd* and having its premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square in London on the 29th of September 2004.

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