Eat London is a LIFT Festival (London International Festival of Theatre) project commissioned to Spanish food artist Alicia Rios and architect Barbara Ortiz. The project involved over 200 people, 4 months cooking workshops, rehearsal a grand opening in Trafalgar Square in London on April 28th, 2007.

David Palazón worked as one of the 6 artist facilitators in the project, leading 2 of the 14 community groups. He worked with the food technology course at Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets (East London), to develop one of the 14 sections of the full map, where iconic buildings such the Tate Modern or the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre were placed. David facilitated the creation of a second section of the map with the Greenwich Vietnam Women’s Group, with whom together they cooked buildings such as the Imperial War Museum.

The project got the Best Celebration of Cultural Diversity (Visit London Awards) in 2007. Eat London got extensive press and TV coverage, see the review by BBC. More details of the project can be found in Urbanophagia by Alicia Rios.


The last 2 pictures are from © Tim Mitchell, 2007.

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