Arte Moris (Living Art in Tetun language) is a non-formal art school, exhibition space and artists’ collective based in Dili (Timor-Leste). In July 2008, David was offered a residency to live in the school and volunteer for 7 months mentoring new media (photography & film) to a selected group of students. The students learned different aspects of photography and filmmaking, from operating a camera to editing footage. The result was a series of experimental projects, documented and compiled in a DVD.

ARTE PAUN (Arty Bread) by Victor de Sousa

KNUA (Family Hamlet) by Victor de Sousa & Simaun Pereira

ONE DOLLAR BEACH by Victor de Sousa & Simaun Pereira

WATA MISA (Climbing Coconut) by Julianto Pereira

OIN SING (Sour Face) by Victor de Sousa & Simaun Pereira

PINTA HO BUA MALUS (Painting with Betenut) by Victor de Sousa

Bees uproar bound horrible prick alternate announced cakes