Akademia Arte no Industria Kriativa (Academy of Arts & Creative Industries, in Tetun language) was an event at the CCD (formelly Mercado Lama) in Dili, capital of Timor-Leste in July 2011. Throughout a long weekend, the event consisted of: a) A concert with traditional and modern music based on the concept of Timor-Leste through time, b) a 3-day conference on subjects ranging from visual arts to architecture, c) a fashion show, d) a design fair, an exhibition, and e) a film showcase. The aim of this event was to present the best of the nation’s traditional and modern creative inputs, but also to give the community the opportunity to see and experience new and exciting forms of creative production from globally acclaimed creative producers. It was a unique event in the country.

Curated, designed, art directed and coordinated by David Palazón in collaboration with the former Secretary of State for Culture, and in partnership with Queensland College of Arts (Griffith University) in Australia. This event put on the highlight the research conducted through the Tatoli ba Kultura project led by Prof Tony Fry: ‘In keeping with the Design Futures philosophy, this showcase event sets out to share with the Timorese people the kinds of things that can be part of a National Academy of Creative Industries in Dili. Establishing this kind of educational institution would deliver many benefits to the nation at large. It would provide young adult Timorese men and women, drawn from all districts, with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills to gain creative employment and start new businesses; it would also enhance the ability of existing businesses, as well as advancing the teaching of art and design in the nation’s primary and secondary schools.’

The event was directly supported and opened by Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of  Timor-Leste. Please click here to read the Prime Minister opening speech. Following the event, the Academy of Arts and Creative Industries was included in the 2012-2017 Legislature Program of the V Constitutional Government. Browse the catalogue of the event here:

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© Images courtesy of Luke Monsour. Please click here to see full photographic documentation of the event. Academy logo by Elena Tognoli.

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